Hotel Orbis 2 is a family hotel. It was first opened in 1998 and redecorated several times meeting higher standards of our regular guests.

A few years ago the capacity was increased and today we have 31 rooms with 68 beds. We are especially proud of our accommodation that meets 3 star standards. Our guest can freely use the Wi-Fi Internet in the whole hotel. Our kind staff will make our guests' stay a true pleasure.

Međugorje next time pay us a visit!


Međugorje is today one of the most popular Marian Shrines but in the 70s it was like any other Herzegovinian village. People sought fortune in the distant countries leaving the karts for some better times.

But when a group of kids in June 1981 witnessed the first Marian Apparition the communist government tried to dim light from above. Today we can see that neither they nor the recent war succeeded to stop Marian messages of peace which are received every day by pilgrims from all over the world.


...attracts with its intact nature, bird singing and smell of sage and everlasting flowers. History of Herzegovina is very long. It starts with Illyrian tribes, continues with Romans and ends with Slavic tribes in 7th century. Bosnia and Herzegovina had Croatian rule from 12th century until the Turkish rule. Herzegovina was even named by one of Croatian rulers Herceg Stjepan Vukšić Kosača. After the Turks, Austrians ruled the country, and then Kingdom of Jugoslavia and Communist Jugoslavia until its independence in the 90s. Bloody war in the 90s destroyed a huge part of the country but did not lessen the beauty of Herzegovina.

If you want to get to know Herzegovina we suggest you visiting Kravica Waterfalls at the Tribižat River only 10 km away from Međugorje. It will leave you breathless with its beauty and height of 28 metres and width of 120 metres. The Old Bridge in Mostar is also a must. It is one of the most famous symbols of the city. We also recommend visiting Nature Park Hutovo Blato – a unique submediterranean swamp abundant in wildlife. Herzegovina offers a wide variety of sights whole year long. Our staff will be glad to help you to get to know the region.